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GREEN MOUNTでツアーをサポートしているメンバーです。


加藤 朗史 Akifumi Kato

Hello, this is Aki representative of Greenmount.
Sometimes the back was a mountain since childhood , was every day to go to the adventure and into the mountains when the school is finished .
Go abandoned tangerine peel or to signpost the way back in the mountains , with a vine of the plant instead of the rope was playing curious and or Tarzan .
Became in love with nature , I think that from the time of the experience .
Seriously was fall in love with nature is , thanks to surfing began from college .
After the earthquake of 2011, start to life to move the residence to Yakushima.
In the field felt natural to direct, we started the work as a new adventurer.
Yakushima mountain, river, and spreads out a magnificent view of the more easy to understand to experience the sea and nature. Every day to adventure every day through such.

1975 Born in Saitama
Spend 1987 junior high school, high school at a boarding school
Live for a year in 1992 England
I lived in 1993 in Chiba Prefecture, addictive surfing while go to college
Earnest emigrated to Kujukuri of Chiba 2001
Living in Yakushima in the wake of the 2011 earthquake
- Countries that have carried out until now -
America West Coast / Hawaii Oahu / Costa Rica / Bali /
· Sumbawa Island / Australia / Hong Kong /, UK / Belgium /
Germany / France / Switzerland / Netherlands / Spain / Turkey
From 2008 "Tomorrow is spread" footmen "" activities start as a representative
Surf Tech Japan from 2010,
Now changed its name "WOW Action Sports" / island Business Department
At 2012. "Yakushima Nature guide office midsummer"
Activities as Yakushima guide
It established a "GREENMOUNT" as a business of footmen from 2013
Activities as adventurer
= Qualification =
Stand up paddle instructor "P-Fit"
· WMA Wilderness First Responder
(Outdoor and disaster emergency method)
(WAFA40 + WFR issues 30 and 40) time
Japan mountain guide (climbing stage 1)
- Quaternary amateur radio engineer
- Usually paramedics
= Other =
· Yakushima SUP Association Attn
· Yakushima mountain guide Association director



  • 加藤 朋子 Tomoko Kato

Hello GREEN MOUNT is Tomo staff.
Is Dosanko of Hokkaido born and grew up in Hokkaido.
After graduating from high school, I lived in Tokyo for four years, enjoy the longing of city living and traveling abroad.
After graduating from college went on a working holiday in Australia, while you are traveling a natural rich Australia while working, becomes the love nature, I began to have an interest in environmental issues.
After returning to live on the coast of Chiba, while involved in the NPO to address environmental issues, and gave birth to two children, moved to Yakushima in the wake of the earthquake of 2011.
In charge of the SUP YOGA of GREEN MOUNT from 2013, it supports the water YOGA.
Surfing, YOGA, travel, love dancing, in Yakushima enjoys a natural life while the child-rearing and work in the fields.
Responsible to have tour: SUP YOGA
 2010 from NPO worked as a staff of "What's I Can Do what I can"
Emigrated to Yakushima from 2011
Responsible for the SUP YOGA course of GREEN MOUNT from 2013
= Qualification (Qualification) =
Stand up paddle instructor "P-Fit"
- Usually emergency usage



Staff us to cooperate GREEN MOUNT of the tour is the guide's who enjoy the Yakushima.
We ask them to cooperate with the quirky comrades.