Experience nature in its purest from

When you participate in the tour , be anxious , " Q & A "

For the first time of Yakushima , if there is a thing or anxiety that you do not know the variety , resolve as soon as possible ! Please help us to fun journey of the plan .

It's okay

There is a buoyant than it looks , it has been fairly stable . The audience that did not stand up to now did not have .
SUP is a very high degree of freedom activities , also rowed even sitting or standing , or asleep , and also jump is everything OK.
Let's enjoy while Omoikkiri felt the nature of Yakushima .

Wear a life jacket

Weak fear of the people of the swimmers , than would drown when you fell in the water ? That comes from a sense of insecurity that is often . In GREEN MOUNT In SUP tour , ask wearing the life jackets to all participants . Even if fallen into the water , because the life jacket is me floating , do not drown in the water . Please join us in peace .

Also it supports those organizations .

For other guide companies and group tour , so we have business tie-up , it can accommodate up to about 15 people . When it was the case of the more, and we will respond by dividing the morning and afternoon and time .